About Azman Metal supplier of metal forming equipment from Turkey


Azman Metal is Turkish supplier of different machinery (construction, food, oil and gas, agricultural, medical and other types) and also different kinds of final products directly from Turkey. The main products are Hydraulic Presses, Mechanical Presses and Press Feeding Systems, which are designed and produced as per international standards and all with CE certificate.

Azman Metal is a diligent supplier of custom-made solutions strictly focused on customer requirements,  challenging conventional methods to come up with ingenious superior results. The focus area of Azman Metal is the supply of Turkish products and services to the business entities globally. We carry out the delivery of equipment or product or services to the end customer and provide all necessary technical support during the deal.

The specific character of our clients, among which there are large producing, construction and industrial companies, involve special requirements to the level of service. Azman Metal practices a new comprehensive approach that lets buyers choose the equipment and products that meet their business requirements, be confident in having the necessary equipment parts available and, most importantly, to enjoy full service, saving time and money.

Mechanical Press H type mechanical press two column press from turkey
Hydraulic Decoiler mechanical decoiler motorized double decoiler from turkey
Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press 250 ton 300 ton press from turkey
Hydraulic Press C type press from turkey
Mechanical Press hole punching press perforation press from turkey
Mechanical Press C type mechanical press excentric press from turkey