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Mechanical Decoiler Specifications

We supply the mechanical decoilers with capacity from 300 to 800 mm roll width, 0.4 – 5 mm thickness and loading capacity from 750 kg to 4000 kg. For bigger working capacity on compact decoiler and straightener, we have our hydraulic models.

Technical Specifications:

  • Coil Carrying Capacity : 750kg – 4000 kg
  • Coil Inner Diameter Clamping Capacity : 300-600 mm
  • Coil Outside Diameter Working Capacity : 1300-1500 mm
  • Working Width Capacity : 20-600 mm
  • Coil Inner Pressure Function : Mandrel
  • Machine Working Movement : Left – Right
  • Inverter Motor with Speed ​​Control
  • Drum Inner Rotation Speed ​​14 (rpm)

Double Head Decoilers

Double Head Decoilers are very optimal and useful options on time management with capacity from 500 kg to 4000 kg for mechanical models and 6000 kg to 10000 kg for hydraulic models. You can save your time and have higher production capacity.