Steel Drum Production Line steel barrel manufacturing plant


We supply Steel Drum and Pail Production Plant For Food and Non-Food Stuff Storage.

Whether you manufacture steel drums for food processing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, or some other type of company, you need a high performance production line that ensures good productivity and a high quality finish. We can supply a wide array of steel drum production lines that fill even your most specific needs, and meet the highest quality standards.

We have different speed steel drum production line, high speed production line (7-10 pcs/min), middle speed production line (5-7 pcs/min), low speed steel barrel production line (1-5 pcs/min), but the technical process and the principle are almost same.

The standard steel drum production line includes the following parts:

  • Material Preparation line;
  • Steel barrel Body Forming line
  • Barrel bottom and barrel lids production line
  • Bareel Sealing & Painting line

We are ready to supply whole line at a turnkey basis, or separate lines or even single machines, as per your request.

Our steel drum production lines are capable to produce standard Tight Head (in accordance with EN 210) and standard Open Top (in accordance with EN 209) steel drums. The production of 60 LT tight head and open top pails are also possible in the same line.

Construction of Drums: Body of the drums will be seam welded longitudinally. Ends will be lined with special seaming compound. Body and ends will be seamed with triple (round) seam. There will be two rolling beads and/or corrugations on the body. Exterior of the drums will be hot airless air-dry enamel painted. Centerband and ends will be able to be painted in a different color than the body.

Steel Barrel Production Line open top steel drum tight head steel drum
Tight Head Steel Drum Production Line steel barrel manufacturing plant
Open Top Steel Drum Production line Steel barrel manufacturing plant