Tomato Paste Production Line Tomato Processing Equipment from Turkey


We offer complete Tomato Paste production line from fresh tomato to final product with packing.

Tomato paste production consisting of the elevator, washing system, sorting system, crushing system, pre-heater, pulping system, vacuum concentration system, sterilizing system, aseptic filling system. The production capacity can be between 150 to 1.500 tons per day.

The line is suitable for processing garden bean, asparagus, broccoli, taro, string bean, young soy bean, sweet corn, strawberry, cherry, mulberry,apple dice, onion, tomato, mushroom, pumpkin dice, spinach, bean sprout and other fruit and vegetable products. The line can adjust blanching time and temperature of vegetables as well as conveying speed so as to achieve an optimal treatment effect of various vegetables.

The final product can be filled into the cans or the bottles.

Tomato Paste Production Plant Tomato paste processing machine from Turkey
Tomato Paste Manufacturing Equipment Tomato Paste Processing Line from Turkey