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CNC Lathe

Featured Properties

  • High axis speed (30 m/min)
  • High accuary (Repeatability: 1-5µ/X-Z Full strok, Positioning: 5µ/X-Z Full strok)
  • High cutting power
  • 45° Inclined one piece rigid cast iron body
  • Rigid spindle supported by precision spindle bearings (ISO P4)
  • VDI Revolver head (Turret)
  • Free training programming and operating machine
  • Guarantee of service and spare part
  • Motorised tail strock movement
CNC Lathe turning lathe machine supplier from Turkey


  • High accuary (Repeatability: 2µ/Full strok, Positioning: 5µ/Full strok)
  • High rigidity
  • High speed (30 m/min)
  • Rapid tapping (40 hole/min., HSS, M4, SAE 1040 Without Adapter)
  • High milling power (40mm., HSS, SAE 1040)
  • High cutting power (140 cm³/min., SAE 1040)
  • Free training programing and operating machine
  • Guarantee of service and spare parts
  • Spindle produced by using of oil cooling system
  • Dialog programming system
  • All axis lineer guide ways
CNC Machining Center CNC Turning Lathe supplier from Turkey


  • Central Lubricatıon System
  • Hydraulic Control on Longitudinal Traverse
  • Spindle Runs in Precision (ISO P4) Angular Contact Bearing, Lubricated for Life
  • Direct Drive Balanced Spindle with Minimum Vibration
  • V Guideways on Cross Slide is Coted with Turcite-B
  • Automatic Grinding Cycle on X/Y Axes
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  • Electrically Controlled Universal (Column-and-Knee Type) Millıng Machines with Swivel Table
  • Fitted with Climb Milling Attachment Suitable for Normal Milling, Intermittent-Feed Milling, Reciprocal Milling with Change of Direction of Cutter Rotation.
  • Electromagnetic Clutchs on Every Axis for Driving as well as for Breaking.
Universal Milling Machine supplier from Turkey turkish equipment


  • Turcite-B Coating on X/Y/Z Axes
  • Square Guideways on Z&Y Axes
  • Dovetail Guideway on X Axis
  • Steples Rotating Speed Between 50-3750 rpm
  • Hard Chrome Plated Ground Quill
  • Precision Spindle Bearings (ISO p4)
  • Backlash Elimination
  • Rapid and Gear Box Type Feed on X-Axis
  • Central Lubrication System
  • Double Locks on All Axes
Tool Room Milling Machine with vertical spindle with horizontal spindle


  • Rigid Bed Made of GG30 Designed as Wide Slideways
  • Rigid Spindle Supported by High Accuracy Taper Bearing
  • Bed Slideways Induction Hardened and Fine Ground
  • Hydraulic Spindle Breake System Controlled by Foot Pedal
  • Overlead Safety Clutches on Axes
  • High Metal Removal Rate Capacity
Universal Lathe cnc lathe turning machine supplier from Turkey


Our Radial Drilling Machines are suitable both for individual and serial production and ensure high efficiency in drilling, reaming, counter boring, and thread cutting of work made of steel, casting, and non-ferrous metals as well as of wood and plastics.

Radial drilling machines are particularly suited for performing difficult machining operations on gear boxes, casing and other-work types in steel construction, machine buildıng, and jig-and-fixture manufacture.

Radial Drilling Machine supplier from Turkey turkish equipment


The Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder is intended together with its standart and optional accessories, for the sharpening of all current metal cutting tools. It also enables the grinding of cylindrical and tapared surfaces, both external and internal, and of flat surfaces. In view of its high versatility. The Grinder machine finds a very wide field of application. Notably in tolrooms, tool sharpening shop, prototype shops and shops engaged in one-off production.

The extensive range of accessories available for the machine permit twist drills, roughing reamers, reamers, backed-off disc type milling cutters, hobs, long tapared cutting tools and broaches to be sharpened. The accessories permit further re-sharpening and sharpening of lathe tools, cutter heads and grinding of radius on lathe tools and milling cutters.

Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder Machine Grinding machine supplier from Turkey